• Brand Strategy
  • Identity System Design
  • Messaging
  • Apparel Design

Uninterested in dressing his children to-impress for what amounted to playtime, our client came to us needing an identity for a unisex children’s loungewear concept called Grace Carter, named after his two children and inspired by Polo’s ubiquitous line of comfortable, high-end lifestyle basics.

Grace Carter needed a solution that justifies a premium price tag, honors the brand’s namesakes, and expresses our client’s belief that young children shouldn’t be molded by the latest trends in fashion.

To align a children’s brand with brands like Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, and Nautica, we designed the identity with timelessness in mind using classic visual elements, anticipating it to be stitched and stamped on the apparel for years to come.

We also wrote messaging to drive home the core values of the brand and add meaning to the customer’s purchase.